Pretty Pink Coptic Book with Bedazzled Spine

Pretty Pink Coptic Book with Bedazzled Spine

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This hardcover junk journal is handcrafted and filled with love and created from with a clear acetate cover. 

It's filled with a variety of papers, pockets, embellishments and decorated to make memory keeping easy for you! 
 It's perfect for memory keeping, journaling, note taking, sketching, or drawing.  The possibilities are endless and delightful.

I made this book by hand stitching pages, envelopes, vellum, tissue paper and more into a clear acetate cover.  I've added patterned paper pages for you to adhere photos, memorabilia or handwritten notes. I've also added embellishments to make this keepsake a lovely gift idea for yourself or someone you love.  I stitched sequins, buttons and ephemera into the spine. The possibilities are endless and delightful.


The finished product has dozens of pages in it and is a One-of-a-Kind original creation. 

- Hardcover clear acetate cover
- Handbound with needle and waxed cotton thread


  • 6 handsewn signatures
  • Approximately 96 pages (192 front and back)
  • Vintage book pages, patterned paper, tracing paper, coloured papers, vellum, acetate, tissue papers, gold foil accent papers and other speciality pages. 
  • 8 pocket/envelope/tuck spots, 2 acetate pages, 18 flip-up/flip-out/flip-down
  • Journaling cards, tags, paper clips and ephemera


*** PLEASE NOTE: ***

The book
 is handmade, so there may be slight imperfections, but that just adds to the uniqueness. 
All pages are not displayed - if you have a concern or would like to see the inside, please let me know. 
FREE SHIPPING!!! The shipping and processing can take 2-3 weeks minimum. International shipping will take longer. 

Have any questions? Please let me know.