WARNING: Scrapbooking is Dangerous!

Have you ever thought about how dangerous scrapbooking is? Seriously! Scrapbooking supplies should come with a warning label…one of those ones with a skull and cross bones.


Seriously, think about it… we KILL a kit, CAPTURE a memory, scraplift, GUT paper, CROP, fussy CUT, DIE cut, HOARD, SPLATTER and paper PIERCE.

And if that’s not crazy enough…take a look at our DANGEROUS supplies:

  •  DIE cutter
  • Trimer
  • BONE folder
  • Heat GUN
  • Glue GUN
  • Craft KNIFE
  • DISTRESS ink
  • MASK
  • Corner CHOMPER
  • HEAVY DUTY adhesives

And in the crafty world we even have gangs – creative/design teams. You have to ‘try out’ to make it in and everyone wants to be you. Seriously, there’s a company called “Lindy’s Stamp GANG”. And there’s even one very popular brand ambassador (cough, cough MS) whose been to jail.

And when it comes to scrapbooking we even have some bad words…(hide innocent eyes)… “Oh Scrap!”, “Fiskers You”, “I’m going to punch your eyelet out”, “That’s a load of scrap”, “cackbooking”, “TIM HOLTZ!”, “oh my gold!.”


Truthfully now….I got a paper cut and it made me want to cry. This whole scrapbooking thing is dangerous.

I need a page PROTECTOR…that or GLITTER GIRL.

xoxo Tori

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