There's How Many Days Left?

Am I getting any better?

YES! I feel like I can finally say I am getting better - this concussion will not have the last word. Each week I've seen progress as I try to work towards getting back to myself. I feel like I'm at about 85% back to my normal energy levels and I'm only having periodic headaches. I'm still seeing the Physiotherapist who specializes in concussions every other week and I'm back to work full time, trying to get caught up. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers, support, and encouragement. 

Response Team Training

After getting the go-ahead from my specialist, I was able to fly to Virginia last week, to attend Response Team Training (RTT) with the Child Safety Protection Network. RTT provides a three day intensive on how to respond to child safety reports in an international context. Mission agencies and international schools (like Rift Valley Academy - where I'm going) attend to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to respond to a report of harm. 
This training further equipped me for my role of Child Safety Coordinator at Rift Valley Academy (RVA). My big take away was taking the knowledge and experience I've gained at Plan to Protect and learning how to apply it to an international setting. Practicing interviewing skills for inquiries, learning about educational neglect and meeting other child safety officers was also a highlight. I look forward to applying what I've learned at RVA. 

I need your help

I passionately believe that God has called me to Rift Valley Academy to be the child safety coordinator. Protecting students, preventing abuse, discipling young people and contributing to the great commission as it spreads throughout Africa is an honor. I know God has paved a way and has opened doors, but now I need your help! 

Remaining Amount Needed: 

$1,345 Monthly

$14,716 Outgoing

If you've been considering and praying about joining my support team, the time is now. We have seen miracles the past few months as God has prepared me for Africa, used my concussion for good, and helped me heal. I'm thrilled to see what He will continue to do  - will you pray with me as I ask for a God-sized miracle when it comes to support raising and join the team. (Giving options below). 

Pre-Authorized Debit

To authorize monthly giving through direct debit from your bank account:


For post-dated cheques for monthly support or one-time gifts: 
    • Cheques should be made out to Africa Inland Mission
    • Include a separate note indicating it is for "Tori Bissell's Support"
    • Mail it directly to Africa Inland Mission (address below)
    • American donors, please mail your check to the AIM U.S. Office (Africa Inland Mission, USA Headquarters | PO Box 3611 Peachtree City, GA 30269-7611)

On-line Giving

For monthly support or one-time gifts:


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