The Fear of Mixed Media

So I don’t know about you, but I find mixed media VERY scary.  It’s so intimidating!  I look at the stunning work of Wilna Furstenburg, Missy Widden, Celine Navarro, Suse Fish, Adele Toomey  and other talented genius and I stand in awe and think, “THERE IS NO WAY I COULD EVER DO THAT!” They pull out their brayers, paint brushes, stencils, mists, packaging techniques and I am speechless.

I am AFRAID of mixed media. I watch endless videos of extremely talented mixed media artists and wish that I could be like them. So then I try and it NEVER looks even a fraction as good as theirs. They have more supplies, stencils, mists and skills than me!  Even if I tried it wouldn’t even come close to be as good. So I don’t try. I put my mists, sprays, paints, gessos, stencils, brayers, paint brushes, distress inks and stick them in the cupboard and don’t look at them. Each time I open the closet I hide my eyes and pretend they aren’t there. For some reason though, I continue to collect these supplies, squirreling them away, refusing to actually use them.

Well this is ridiculous!  Seriously!  Why am I always so afraid of things. I’m sure Missy, Wilna, Celine, Suse, Adele and others had to practice. They didn’t start out with master pieces!  The experimented!  They tried. They weren’t afraid (or maybe they were but they overcame that fear).

So, it’s time to let the scary monsters out of the closet and get to work!  And you know what, gesso isn’t as scary as I thought it was. Stencils are just a piece of plastic…it doesn’t bite!  There are no fangs on a bottle of distress paint, (unless of course you drew them on there).

So calling all scaredy cats… all intimidated… Self-conscious… afraid crafters. Let’s grab a paint brush, stencil, brayer and look fear in the eyes and let’s do this! Check out my next blog post where I share how I’m overcoming the intimidation factor. We can do this.

Or at least we can try.

xoxo Tori

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