Starting a Bullet Journal

I’ve seriously found a current obsession…. bullet journaling! I’ve been obsessed with watching YouTube videos, scrolling through Pinterest and searching hashtags on Instagram. I’ve been so excited to get started with my own bullet journal. I seriously, immediately ordered this epic medium, pink Leuchtturm1917. And I immediately got started playing in it.

If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, make sure you check out the official bullet journal website. There’s an awesome video by Ryder Carroll, the author. Definitely check it out.

I got started by adding this adorable pencil patterned paper I’ve had in my stash for awhile. I love how bright and colourful it is and how it just makes me happy when I open my journal. I added a label with my name and contact information and the address I started this journal. I added some patterned paper to the back cover too.

The next page I worked on was my Index. Okay, I hate my journaling but I love how pretty the washi tape and labels I added are. They just pretty up the page and make me so happy. I added the washi tape to help me find the index easier… because no matter what page you’re on, you can quickly find it.

I played around with the key next. I did mix up a few of the icons to make them work better for me… but that’s seriously the beauty of the bullet journal. It can be whatever you want it to be. On the official Bullet Journal website it says, the bullet journal is an “evolving, adaptable practice meant to be self-curated as you determine what works best for you.” So having square bullets instead of a regular bullet fits my style and I love that.

Next up, I worked on my Future Log. A Future Log is a place where you can track your upcoming events. So I set it up for the next 6 months and tracked any of my upcoming events and birthday’s. My favourite part of this page is the fun little doodled arrows.

I think one of my favourite pages I started with was a 2017 goals page. The left hand page is inspired by Mom Spark.   I wrote down a bunch of goals for this year and then colour coded them for different areas of my life. Pink for work, blue for faith, orange for crafty/social media, yellow for health, and green for money. On the right-hand side, I figured I would track my accomplishments. When I accomplish one of my 2107 goals for a related task I can add it there. I hope I can keep up with it.

I love that a Bullet Journal is a great way to track your schedule and any lists – basically, it’s a great way to track all areas of your life. I created these next two pages to track my Instagram and YouTube stats. The idea of an Instagram tracked was completely inspired by, she seriously has such a fantastic Instagram.

One of my major goals for 2017 is to try and read more books. When I was in high school and university, I use to read SO MANY books but in the past few years, I’ve completely let my love of words slip. I searched for a bunch of book tracking ideas and I found this beautiful page by @thebulletjournaladdict. Now, everytime I read a book I can write the title on the spine. So, this might be a lofty goal… but I’m hoping to read a couple books every month.

Oh I lied earlier when I said my favourite page was the goals page… but I’m changing my mind. Look how adorable this page is… it’s a movie night tracker. It’s a complete scraplift by @its.stefh  on Instagram. She created this adorable little of popped popcorn page and I adore it.

I was so inspired by the phone text and fonts on @its.stefh that I decided to try it out on some additional pages. I created a Quotes I want to Remember and Lyrics I love page. I figured I could track my fav’s here.

 My goals page also inspired me to get started tackling some of those babies. One of the biggest things I want to do this year is get my savings, budgeting and money in order… so I created these pages. The left side is how I’ll track each time I make a deposit in my savings account and the right-hand side is how I can track my debt.

I created a little intro video, let me know if you have any questions and if you want to check out more bullet journal shares.



xoxox Tori



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