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Lately, I have been completely enamored by quilts.  I could literally spend hours scrolling through beautiful photos of quilts on Pinterest. I adore seeing all the beautiful patterns, colours and designs. I have a friend is a master quilt maker … every time I see something she has made I stand in awe at the craftsmanship and creativity.

I wish I had the skills to make one of these beautiful fabric master pieces. Sadly, I don’t know how to sew or where to begin.  I’m not even good at measuring and keeping things straight.  So in lieu of pulling out a sewing machine and trying to figure out math, and stitching, I’ll pull out paper and make a scrap your scraps page.

In this week’s Scrap Your Scraps video I created three different layouts inspired by quilts and using my square punch. You can check out this week’s scrap your scraps process video below.

Hope you love it and feel as inspired by quilts as I do. If you make a layout inspired by quilts or by this video I’d love to see it. Leave a link below or tag me on Instagram (@tori_bissell) or use the hashtag #scrapyourscraps.

xoxo Tori

P.S. Want to check out my quiltspiration Pinterest board?  Check it out here.

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