Scrap Your Scraps is Back!

I have a confession – I don’t throw away anything!  I’m a hoarder. Every little piece of paper left over from my projects gets saved and stored in a metal tin or a pouch because I might need to use is someday. The problem is  someday never seems to come and the pile grows and grows taking over my VERY, VERY small scrap room. I promised myself I would never let my collection of scraps take more space then this metal cookie tin…and then they did. Somehow they started overflowing and filling up a 6×12 ziplock pouch. And then that pouch got so full it almost overflowed. I was standing in my bedroom (aka scrap room) looking for somewhere else to store scraps when in dawned on me…’this is too many scraps. Maybe instead of looking for more places to store them, I should just USE them.’

Awhile back I started a series on my YouTube channel called ‘Scrap Your Scraps’. People loved watching and playing along. I loved seeing how my layouts and ideas would inspire people and they would make their own creations. One of my biggest desires is that I would be able to inspire people – I felt like people scraplifting my scrap your scraps projects was the epitome of inspiring people. But somewhere along the line I got stressed and felt all this pressure (self imposed) and it wasn’t fun anymore. So I stopped. And when I stopped my scraps started piling up and taking over!

Well the time has come….the time has come for me to pull out those scrap containers, dust off my scraps and get to it.  So, my Scrap Your Scraps series is back and I’m excited to share it with you. Each Sunday I’ll post a new video sharing how I’m scrapping my scraps and I hope you’ll play along!

Today I’m sharing a video called “Oodles and Oodles of Circles.” Hope you enjoy!

xoxo Tori

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