Scrap Your Scraps – Christmas Cards

So Christmas is over, my December Daily is done, the decorations are packed away, and the lights are unstrung. BUT I’m not giving up on Christmas.

I had all these supplies sitting out on my desk and tons and tons of Christmas scrap paper… so I decided to make some Christmas Cards. And this solves two problems: 1. I have tons of scraps and 2. I find it difficult to make Christmas cards during December, so if I make them now I’ll have them done.

I kept the cards really simple and that really helped because I could make a bunch of them quickly and easily.

I love that these cards could be easily replicated for any theme. I feel like, even if you weren’t interested in making Christmas cards you could grab your scraps and make thank you cards or blank cards or anything.

And the best part – it’s a FANTASTIC way to use up a lot of scraps from your scrap bin. Even though I didn’t use ALL my scraps I feel like I certainly made a dent.

YAY for scrap your scraps videos and projects!

P.S. If you really love playing with your scraps and you’d like a TON of inspiration, head on over to my Scrap Your Scraps Facebook group. There are people making layouts, cards, tags, and Project Life pages. Head on over and join in on the fun. We’d love to have you be a part of the fun and inspiration.


If you want to check out the process video you can find that here:

If you have any questions, please let me know… I’m absolutely happy to help.



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