Forgive me as I rant for a moment.

STOP thinking you’re not good enough – you are! STOP comparing yourself to everyone else – it sucks the joy out of crafting. STOP saying “I can’t…”, “I’m not enough…”, “I wish I was more like…”, “If only I could…”. This negative talk has got to stop. STOP saying “i know it isn’t that good but…” – it is good! STOP comparing your youtube, instagram, twitter, flikr, FaceBook to other people’s – you’re doing well. STOP wishing you had more followers, likes and comments like that other girl. STOP  looking at the numbers – you have tons of people who love your work. JUST STOP IT ALL READY! I am seriously sick and tired of you saying/thinking that you should share your projects because they aren’t like everyone else. For goodness sakes would you just STOP looking at thumbs down – seriously no good ever came from someone looking at how many thumbs down they had – none. You know all of those creative team calls that you aren’t applying for because you don’t think you’re good enough – well you are – and even if they don’t want to you put yourself out there and that is a good thing.

Listen up: You are good enough! Your projects are great. You are talented and courageous for sharing it – no matter how many likes, comments, or subscribers you get. You are amazing. Your scrapbook, project life, card, mini album, planer, mixed media project looks incredible. Sit up, chin up, and smile – you made that! You! Not some other person – you! You are you and that is more than enough. You come up with great ideas – you inspire people. Even when you scraplift – it looks great.  You can do this – you are doing this. You are good enough. YOU are good enough. YOU ARE good enough. YOU ARE…

Thanks – I really needed to hear that. xo Tori

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