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Okay, this is a quick one but can I just say I love Toronto! Love it! And I just wanted to share something that happened this morning which totally highlights why this is the BEST city in the world!

This morning my mom and I drove downtown for a lunch appointment. We met our lunch guest at this incredible greek restaurant across from the Pape subway stop. Right beside the restaurant we found a parking lot with an empty space. We pulled in, parked, grabbed our purses and headed to the ticket meter to pay the fare. Just before we could pay someone ran up and handed me his parking ticket. He was leaving and had 40 minutes left on his parking ticket and wanted to save us some money. SWEET!  I knew it wouldn’t be enough time but I set the alarm on my phone so I could slip out of our lunch meeting and add more money before the time ran out. 35 minutes later I grabbed my jacket and ran outside in the cold to get a new parking slip.

Just before I could put any money in the meter a different man ran up to me and said, “here, take this” and he handed me a parking slip that lasted till 6pm. Seriously!  TWO free parking tickets!  What a blessing.

An hour later, we finished up our lunch meeting, bundled up and left the restaurant. Now it was my turn. I grabbed the ticket which still had 3.5 hours left on it and found someone else who had just pulled in and shared the love.

THIS. This right here is why I love Toronto! Good food, good company and good community. The spirit of the city was in full force today.

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