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Every once in a while you make a scrapbook project so epic you want to jump up and down and show it to everyone you can - today's process is that kind of project. A few months ago, I noticed an advertisement for an incredible exploding box from Make it Mine. I immediately wanted to make one so I was thrilled when Make It Mine agreed to do a collaboration with me. 

In my last blog post I shared an unboxing, review and assembly. Now I'm thrilled to share with you the process video and project pictures of how I put it all together and decorated it. If you scroll to the bottom of this post you'll find the process video. 

Let's take a look at the outside of the box and work our way into the center. I really wanted the outside of the box to look pretty simple so the inside would be a surprise. I did add some scrapbook paper to the sides of the box so it would stand out a little bit more than a plain black box... but I kept the lid plain. 

When you take the top lid off the fist exploding layer pops out and it's like an explosion of colour and prettiness. I created this exploding box for my mom and filled it with photos of all my family members so that when she opens it she sees photos of my dad, my siblings, my grandparents and all the poeple she loves. 

Then you pull of the next lid and another layer of bright pockets pop out. As my mom said "it's like the gift that keeps on giving." I decided to keep each of the tabs fairly consistent so I added some bright patterned paper from some 6x6 paper pads I had then topped it with a photo some sticker embellishments, tiny word stickers and it's cute. I used my corner rounder and a circle punch to make it match the pocket shape. 

I really enjoyed decorating the exploding box. I kept my embellishments pretty flat because I felt like that would work better in the finished project. Typically I kept a pretty consistent pattern: washi/label, bigger sticker, medium sticker, tiny word sticker, and then I finished it off with some enamel dots or puffy stickers. 

On the last layer of pop out flaps, I kept the embellishments really simple - just a tiny word sticker. I thought because the photos and space was so small it would work better to keep it simple. I also love the lid on the inner box so I wanted to highlight it and kept it pretty simple too with just a tiny heart on the top. 

To be honest, it isn't a simple project. All together I think it took me about 3-4 hours to assemble, decorate and add my journaling. But I LOVE IT! It's so worth it. 

I think one of my favourite elements in the exploding box is all of the pop out inserts. The Hexagon Love Note includes all of these extras that are pre-cut and folded. 


I found some of these unique shapes a bit harder to cut the photos for but my suggestion is to trace it on a piece of extra card stock and then trim it down. If you check out the video I show you how I did that. 

The fun thing about all of these unique shapes and pop outs, is that you can also add photos, emellishments and journaling on the backs too. There are all of these great places for details. 


I kept the photo matte inserts fairly simple just because at this point I felt like there was a lot going on. I added some pretty patterned papers from the scraps I had left over, the photos and a sticker or label. I ended up using my corner rounder again on all of the edges. 

I think one of my favourite elements of the project is the titles I added to the three biggest lids. When we were growing up we had this cutesy family theme song. Yep - we were that family. My mom use to sing it to us all the time. To the theme of Barney "I love you/ and you love me/ we're a happy family/ with a Mom, Dad, Two girls/ and a happy song./ We think Jesus is number one." I wanted to harken back to this cute family memory so I placed the first three lines on the bigger lids. I love it. 

In the tinest box I included one of those pop out extras. And that's that... it's a love note and I love it!

You can check out Make it Mine's Exploding Love Note Hexagon Box on their website here

If you'd like to check out process video, you can check it out here: 

I'd love to hear what your favourite part is too. 



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  • I need to buy this, did you sell this with photos attached which I send?

    Maheshwari Gudimalla
  • Where did you get your supplies from? What was all the supplies you used?

  • Were all your photos printed out as 4X6 or did you go with a different size before trimming them? It looks awesome by the way!


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