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Do you ever think to yourself…I should do that…I’ve always wanted to do that…oh I’m too afraid to do that…or I could never do that. I do – like all the time.

Well, this is the year of jumping in, feet first and doing it. What is “it”. I’m not sure I completely know. But what I do know, is that I’m tired of would of, should of, could of’s. I’m tired of waiting and over thinking things to death. I’m tired of letting fear hold me back.

Last year I made a list… a list of things I’m afraid to do…dye my hair pink, ride on a motorcycle, use power tools, change a car tire, etc. etc. etc. And as I sat there writing this list I realized something – it was the most ridiculous list EVER!  Why in the world am I afraid of such silly little things. My fear is standing in the way of all the amazing, incredible, fantastic things I can do and be a part of. So I made a decision. I decided to start ticking things off my list.

And as I began ticking things off my list I realized how empowering, thrilling and exciting it can be to do something that scares you. Overcoming a fear, no matter how small it is, changes your perspective. Your perspective of fear, on life, on yourself, on others.  You are forced to look that fear in the face and say “you don’t control me!” and when you do that a spark is ignited within you.

I honestly believe God didn’t create me to live in fear. He did not design me to hide up in my room, away from the world, too afraid to venture out. That may be exactly what I want to do, each and every single day, but that is now who I was made to be. It is not what I was destined to become.

So… I’m challenging myself. Challenging myself to try things that scare me. Challenging myself to do new things, meet new people, go new places. Challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone, jump right in and trust God to lead me through.

xoxo Tori

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