Let the Games Begin – Calvinball 2017

Let the Games Begin – Calvinball 2017

I’m seriously so excited!!!! Lst year I stumble upon this incredible scrapbooking crafty game called Calvinball and it was seriously one of the best things THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO MY CRAFTING.

Every year, over on the Get It Scrapped forums on the debbiehodge.com website, some incredible volunteers host Calvinball. Calvinball is one of the most fun and productive things I do all year! Basically, you scrapbook, plan, craft, or do project life and you earn points. Your goal is to rack up as many points as you can! Each project is worth 0.5-2 points depending on what it is and how long it takes. Then you can earn extra bonus points for all these other things like using washi tape on your layout, using scraps, using 3 different gold elements or really whatever the rules happen to be that year. There’s no prize and the points don’t really matter other than for bragging rights – yep I came in 3rd place year!!!

Basically, it starts March 1st and you get crafting and scrappin. After each layout you track how many points you earned. Each week we update the leader board and at the end of the month you see how many projects you can make.

I’m not even kidding… last year I made

  • 22 scrapbook pages
  • 41 project life pages
  • 5 planner decorations
  • 5 crafty projects
  • 135 mixed media tags!
  • 1 journaling bible entry
  • 1 mini album

Seriously! I don’t think I’ve EVER been that prolific and productive in one month. And it’s not that I didn’t work because I did – I work a full-time job. I’m just super competitive and didn’t want anyone to beat me and working on crafty things every day is one of the best ways to be productive.

I hope you’ll join in on the fun. Head over to the Get It Scrapped forums to learn more.



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