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I'm at 98% of the amount I need to raise in monthly support. Every $50 represents another crayon coloured in on this support tracker and I only need $69 a month for it to be completely coloured.

My outgoing budget is also at 98% of the total $24,000 needed for flights, housing set up, training, etc. I only need $450 to hit this target.

I'm so amazed at how God has provided thus far! I've been given conditional clearance to leave October 9th, even though my financial deadline has passed and I haven't hit the targets yet. Along with Africa Inland Mission, I'm praying that this last little bit will come in before I'm supposed to leave. More details below.

Commissioning Service

On Sunday, September 22nd my church is having a commissioning service for me. It will be a great time to gather in prayer before I head to Kenya. If you'd like to join us, I'd love to see you. 

In2One Community Church
6273 Main Street. 
Stouffville, ON
L4A 1G5
10:00am - 11:30am

What is a commissioning service? In scripture, we read how missionaries were commissioned by the church through the laying on of hands and prayer (Acts 13:3; 1 Timothy 4:14; 2 Timothy 1:6). "This indicated a special anointing of the Spirit, a setting aside for ministry, as well as the public recognition of the person's gifting and spiritual role" (Craig Ott and Stephen J. Strauss).

Prayer Requests

  • Paperwork: As I gear up to leave, there is a ton of paperwork that needs to be done including Kenya visa's, insurance, medical, banking, will, etc. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed so I would love prayer as I fill these all out, look for documents I need, and submit them. 
  • Goodbyes: In this season of goodbyes please pray for intentional times and precious memory-making.  Saying goodbye to family and friends is really hard!
  • Packing: Please pray for good time management, wisdom to know what I should bring, and organizational skills. Also pray that I'll be able to sell, give away and throw out all the things I'm not taking easily. 

P.S. Would you like to stay up-to-date with current prayer requests? Download the Echo Prayer app and send me your email so I can add you to my private prayer group.

Lessons I'm Learning Right Now

I've been working on finishing up my Biblical requirements before I leave. Right now I'm reading this great book called Encountering Theology of Missions. I've really been enjoying learning about the history of missions, the importance of missions and how to do it effectively. Definitely a good read before I leave. 

This week I'm at the Child Abuse Prevention National Conference. It's incredible to be surrounded by like-minded individuals passionate about abuse prevention. Yesterday, I attended this great workshop on how change happens by Leslie Crutchfield an author. It was so interesting learning about 6 practices of change and how we can apply to make organizations safer for children and youth. Today, I attended workshops on effective discipline and how community norms can be utilized to protect children. I love learning new things which can help make me a more effective child safety coordinator at Rift Valley Academy.

Join My Support Team

I only need $69 to hit my monthly target for support. Are you willing to commit to monthly support by praying and giving an amount ($10, $25, or maybe $69) each month? 

I only need $450 to hit my outgoing budget. One-time gifts are so appreciated as they help with flights and moving expenses.

Can you help make this possible? I need your help.

If the Lord puts it on your heart to partner with me, you can click the link below for an easy way to give. 

Giving Options


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