I Made it To Africa

Guess What!?!

Nina jifunza kiswahili (translated: "I'm learning Swahili"). Which can only mean one thing.... I've made it to Kenya!  I'm on my last week of Africa Based Orientation and I've been learning so many things (including a few Swahili phrases). 

We've been learning about: African cultures and worldview, physical and mental health, African religions, safety, serving on teams and more.

My favourite part though has been meeting other missionaries who are headed out and hearing their stories. I've also had the blessing to sit and talk with three Rift Valley Academy (RVA) alumni. Hearing their stories of how RVA impacted their lives has been such an encouragement. They are also so excited about me going to RVA to be the child safety coordinator. I'm so glad I was able to meet them and hear their hearts.

Favourite Dinner Conversation

"By loving my kids you love me. It is such a blessing as a parent to know my kids are well taken care of. When they are being taken care of, I can focus on what I need to do," - Jeff

(Working with a semi-nomadic tribe in Northern Kenya, Dad to 3 Awesome boys)

Answers to Prayer

09/18/19 - Praise the Lord! All of the support I needed to raise for monthly and outgoing has been received. It's incredible to see how God has provided and made a way through faithful friends, family, and churches. Thank you for your generosity and support.

10/4/19 - Praise the Lord, all of the last-minute details, paperwork, packing, Dr. Appointments, eVisa, banking, insurance documents, Living Will etc., were finished on time. 

10/12/19 - Praise the Lord, I made it safely to Kenya. All my luggage made it too! Sometimes I look around me and I have to pinch myself: "Tori, you're in Africa!" 

10/12/19 - Praise the Lord, I was able to spend a few days at Mayfield Guest House (Nairobi) getting over jetlag and running errands. 

10/15/19 - We arrived at Africa Based Orientation. Praise the Lord for the gorgeous Lake Nakuru Flamingo Lodge we get to stay in while we learn about doing ministry in an African context.

10/14/19 - Praise the Lord, I was able to go to RVA for a day before Africa Based Orientation for some meetings with the child safety team. I am just so thankful! It truly confirmed my calling and was such an affirmation that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and RVA is the place God has called me. I was also able to stay in my house for a night - what a blessing!

Prayer Requests

  • Africa Based Orientation: Please continue to pray for the Africa Based Orientation I'm at right now. We have a week left and lots to still learn.
  • Move: Please pray for me as I move into my new house at RVA on November 5th. I have lots of unpacking and settling to do as I try to make this home.
  • Visa: At the border, I was only granted a 1-month visa (instead of 3). Pray my work visa comes quickly or I can easily get an extension.
  • Transitions: Please pray for RVA as they are in a period of some transitions. Pray for the staff and students as they go through these different changes.

P.S. I have a private group where I share more in-the-moment type prayer requests. Message me for more details.

If you'd like to support my ministry, it's not too late. I'd love to partner with you as we see God at work. You can give online at the links below - just enter "Tori Bissell" under specific missionary. 

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