Hard To Say Goodbye

Last week I said goodbye to these two (Courtney my sis and Andrew my newish brother). A group of family and friends tearfully gathered at Pearson to send them on their way to France, where they will stay for a year learning French before they move to Chad.


“How lucky am I to know people who are so hard to say goodbye to.” - Unknown


It was so hard to say goodbye.  Even though I know it’s not forever and even though I know I’ll probably see them in a year or so (in AFRICA!!!!!!)... it was still hard. They are leaving Canada for three years and voyaging off into the unknown to serve. 


I love these two so much and I feel so blessed to have such great siblings and friends in my life. Seriously, so incredible blessed. As we prayed with them in the airport and as I hugged them for the thousandth time to say goodbye I couldn’t help but think about what it’s going to be like in less than a year from now to when I leave, to say goodbye.


It’s one thing to say goodbye when you’re staying in one place and the other person is leaving and a completely different thing to say goodbye when you’re the one leaving and everyone else is staying. So many feels. 


While I’m thrilled and excited about the future, I also can’t help but think about what I’m giving up. I’m giving up comfort. Giving up the known. Giving up friends, family, work, stable finances, my bed, many craft supplies, convenience... I’m giving up a Bible study I love, a church I adore, a job I delight in, and more. I have to say goodbye to people, places and things I love.


I once heard this quote though, “I’m not telling you it will be easy. I’m telling you it will be worth it.” - Art Williams


It will be. 


As as I say goodbye this next year I know that on the other side of those goodbyes are so many wonderful hellos. 


Hello to new new friends and family.

Hello to a new home and place of comfort.

Hello to living for the Lord.

Hello to new foods, counties and experiences.

Hello to learning new things.

Hello to possibilities.



And there are so many more hellos that I don’t even know about yet. I can’t wait to discover them.





Prayer Requests:

1. Please pray for Courtney and Andrew as they transition and begin to learn Fench

 2. Please pray for me this next year as I will have many goodbyes. 

3. Please pray that I will focus on positivity.

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