Happy Hearts - Scrap Your Scraps #33 (Mini Heart Punch)

Surprise!!!! Scrap Your Scraps is back! And of course I had to come back with a bang....

A bang with hundreds of tiny scrap your scraps hearts. Eak I love the way this layout worked out!!!!

I started by punching out tons and tons of tiny hearts using my recollections tiny heart punch. I pulled out all of my peach and pink scraps and sat down to a movie and got to it. 

I wasn't sure how many tiny hearts I would need so I kept going until I filled up a tiny bowl I had on my desk. Then I grabbed my hot glue gun, stuck on another movie and started sticking down rows and rows of hearts. Now it might seem like a lot of work but really it was super easy and actually quite therapeutic. To be honest, I've been so busy and stressed with work and life lately I really just needed some quiet time alone playing with my papers and this was the perfect way to do that. I love the way the rows and rows of hearts worked out - they are the perfect background detail for this layout. 

Once I was done adding hearts about 2/3 of the way down the page, I started adding my photos and embellishments. I had these two older photos from my Aunt Cheryl's wedding that I thought would work perfectly with this background. I topped it off with some lovely crate paper chipboard flowers and hearts... aren't they dreamy?

I topped off my embellishment clusters with some enamel dots and pearls... oh how I love embellishment clusters and sprinkles of enamel dots. 

One of the questions I often get when it comes to these scrap your scraps layout is, "how do you add embellishments without it becoming too busy." Well, sometimes I don't add embellishments, other times, like here... I add tone on tone embellishments. By using pink embellishments and gold touches I manage to keep the embellishments from drawing attention away from the photos. I use a big bold title to tie the whole thing together and place the journaling in a way that keeps the focus on the main photo area of the layout. 

Well wasn't that fun! Yep. I love it and can't wait till my next scrap your scraps page. 

If you want to check out the process vide you can find that here: 



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