Grandma's Alzheimer's Memory Book

One day, while looking on Pinterest, I was completely inspired by the idea of Alzheimer's Memory Books or Boxes and I knew immediately I wanted to create one for my grandma. My grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2009, and it's truly been heartbreaking watching as she slowly slips away. It began with forgetting to turn off lights or if she had purchased milk and then she forgot the day of the week, the year or her grandchildren's names. In recent years she has forgotten virtually all family members - occasionally she remembers my dad and uncle (her sons) but their names are a distant memory only occasionally remembered.  For more information about Alzheimer's check out the Alzheimer's Society of Canada. 

 I created this album last year in December and haven't had a chance to share it yet - but I knew I wanted to share it because it's such a meaningful project. I created this Alzheimer's Memory book for my grandma as a Christmas present. 

An Alzheimer's Memory book is a project you put together which share's the patient's story. It helps them remember things by prompting memories. It's also supposed to help people who visit the patient to have something to speak to them about. For more information about Alzheimer's Memory Books check out this, this, this, and this.  

I created this mini album in a 3 part video series. 

You can check out an overview of the project and the setup here: 

You can check out the process video here:

You can check out the final album share and a clip of my grandma reading it here: 

 I had so much fun creating this album for my grandma and it was so special to give it to her and review it with her. 

Are you thinking about creating an Alzheimer's Memory Book? Here are a few tips, I have after making mine and sharing it with my grandma:

  • Consider making a smaller album which will be easy for the individual to hold, carry and flip through. 
  • Consider using one simple collection so that the whole album is cohesive. 
  • Keep it simple! 
  • Try to use simple, easy language and vocabulary so that if the person loses their language ability they will still be able to read it. 
  • Write it from the perspective of the patient with Alzheimer's so that when they are reading it, they are reading it from their own perspective. 

I also wanted to say if anyone has a family member or friend with Alzheimer's and has been wondering if they should make one - go for it! Honestly, it will be one of the most meaningful projects you'll ever create and it will be a HUGE BLESSING to that individual.



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  • Hi Tori,

    Thank you for sharing your Grandma’s album. I am so inspired to make one now. I loved the process video and your thoughts on making the album. I work in aged care and my head is spinning with ideas to make albums for these special people. You are amazing!


  • I’ve been watching your videos for a little over a year, and I love to watch you and your magic glue gun! It’s fun, I learn a lot, and I will now add INSPIRING! I’ve watched your set up video of your Grandma’s album and part of the process video . (I watch scrapbooking and card crafting videos while I work out on the treadmill…good incentive) I’m looking forward to seeing the rest! I will be sharing the information and idea with my sister, who is a NP in Greenville SC and works especially with patients with A and dementia AND their families. A big part of her work is support for the families. I am going to suggest that she connect the families who are interested in an album like this with scrapbookers in the area. Maybe something can get started!

    I also had an idea for you. Like I said, I haven’t finished watching the videos yet, so I may be missing information on any decisions you’ve made, but you mentioned the possibility of creating books for other people who would like their family member to have a memory book. You could be inundated! What do you think of teaching a class in which the end result would be a memory book? It could be open to people right at your Grandma’s residence who may be interested. I’m sure the staff there could help you get connected. It’s just an idea.

    What a beautiful thing to do! I am enjoying the stories as well…I love to laugh! ‘Ross’ cracked me up! I am looking forward to seeing and hearing the rest! See you on my treadmill!

    Sue Hy
  • Such a touching book. I truly enjoyed watching to create it. You could feel the love in your heart with each page. So glad you let us see your Grandma viewing the her gift. Very heartwarming.

    Laurie Jensen
  • This is so beautiful and heartwarming! Thank you so much for sharing your creation of this beautiful and special gift. ?

  • Hi Tori,
    Thanks for this special video that you are sharing with everyone.It’s a wonderful idea that friends or families could do for their love ones.I use to work in a Veterans Nursing Home in Halifax,Nova Scotia with alheimer’s for 28 years and I use to do what we call Life’s History Page for the Veterans door to share information with nurses,other staff visitors and volunteers so they would have as a tool to help talk to the Veterans with.The families were always happy on how the pages turned out.Just thought you should know how special a person you are to do this for your grand mother.Trish

    Trish Gaudet

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