December Daily 2017 - Fabric Cover and Details

Every day during the month of December I'll be posting a new December Daily video - or that's the plan. Yesterday the internet decided not to participate in my daily video plan. I literally tried to upload my video for 18 hours!!! Gha!

Well without further ado, here is yesterday's video and blog post. 

Today I'm working on my December Daily cover. This year I purchased this gold foil Jasmine Jones album from

And while I LOVE Jasmine's handwriting, and I love the gold foil... I hated the red. It was just the wrong shade of red for all the products I decided to use this year.  So I decided to make it my own. 

BOOM! You can't even tell it's the same album. I covered the red with white gesso to tone it down, glued this pretty floral fabric to the cover, added book corners and a jump ring for a tassel and I moved the book plate. it was actually really easy to do!

After I was done with the outside of the album I redid the inside too. I tore up old book pages and used matte medium to adhere them all over the inside of the book. 

I love the way the torn pages look all layered on top of each other. You could totally do this same thing with scrap paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper or other types of papers. 

I left a little bit of the fabric from the front cover showing around the edges. I love the way they look together. 

If you want to check out the process video for the cover decorating - you can find that here: 

Would you ever cover a cover with fabric???? What do you think?

xoxo Tori

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