December Daily 2016 - Stash Kit, Supplies, and Organization

A few days ago I posted a poll on Facebook and asked if people wanted to see a supply/stash kit video and many people mentioned that they did want to see one. So, while haul/stash type videos aren’t necessarily my kind of thing… I figured I’d try and put one together. So in today’s video/blog I’m going to be sharing my stash kit, the supplies I’ll be using and how I’m organizing them. I’m also going to be sharing my thought process and general vision for my December Daily.

So right from the beginning I knew what colours I wanted my December Daily to be this year. Two years ago I didn’t really have a colour scheme – I went with whatever made me happy… and while I love all the colour it feels a bit much to me. So last year I decided to scale back and go with more traditional colours (red, green, gold, silver, black, white, and of course pink). I enjoyed using the traditional colours but green isn’t my favourite – I hardly use it in my regular scrapbooking so when I look back at the album it doesn’t really feel like me. So this year I decided to go with black and white with pops of colour. And for the colour pops I decided to go with red, pink, mint, blue, gold and silver (and yes I’ll mix my metallics. I made up this mood board for inspiration.

So the first thing I did to get ready was to pull out all of my left over supplies from last year and to go through my stash to see what I had that matched my mood board inspiration. The truth is we all probably have tons of stuff in our stash that can work for our December Daily projects. I actually had a bunch of things left from last years December Daily kits by Ali Edwards (the creator).

I also printed off the printables I created and shared with you a couple of weeks ago. They’re free to download, if you want to check them out, you can find them here. I kept the printables fairly simple and mostly in black, white and gold because I knew I wanted to use those colours.

Now my hope was to try and avoid buying a bunch of stuff. I kinda just wanted to go with my stash and then what I got in my Felicity Jane kits (November and December)… and for the most part I do. But then I saw the adorable Snow and Cocoa collection by Crate Paper and fell in love. So well…I did get some Snow and Cocoa.

I mean seriously, it’s adorable! I wasn’t able to get everything in the collection – it’s pretty much sold out everywhere. But I did get the 6×6 paper bad, the cut-a-part sheet and a couple of embellishments.

Now I’m not sure how well the Felicity Jane kits and the Snow and Cocoa kits will go together but I figure it’s the green that mostly makes it look bad together – and I’m taking that out, so I think it will work… or at least that’s my hope.

I also have things left over from the Wild Whisper blog hop that I threw in my kit… the mint colour and antler paper are absolutely going to make an appearance.

If you want to check out the stash kit I created and how I’m organizing it, I did make a video – you can check it out here:

To be honest, I’m not sure how it will all come together – but I’m excited to see! I’m hoping if I use black, white and gold primarily and just use the colour in small doses and as pops it will look pretty.

I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff but I know I’m going to be doing a number of Christmas projects (December Daily, Cards, presents, tags etc) that I’m hoping to make a big dent. My goal is to use as much as I can. I’ll do a kill a kit video at the end (if I can remember) and we’ll be able to see how I do.

Do you come up with mood boards for December Daily inspiration? What colours are you going with? I’d love to see!

xoxo Tori

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