December Daily 2016 – Day 8

On December 8th I decided to document one of my favourite place on earth – Starbucks. I know everyone things Disney is the happiest place on earth but for me, that’s Starbucks. I know that sounds totally cheesy but I honestly love Starbucks so much.

So this year when Starbucks came out with the amazing designs on the red cups, I knew I wanted one of each. Thankfully my extraordinary Starbucks barista was more than happy to comply

So I became the weirdo walking out of Starbucks with 10 different cups… but boy am I glad I did, because I am so stinkin’ happy over how my page worked out today.  I cut up all those cups into 2×2 squares and the rest is magic.

Of course I couldn’t help myself but add the ADORABLE ‘Crafted by Hand and Heart’ cup sleeve, and a few embellishments.

There’s no photo and only a little bit of journaling but you know what this might be my favourite page in my album so far.

If you want to watch the process video, it’s up on my channel.

Are you a Starbucks super fan like me? Maybe Tim Hortons or a local shop are more up your alley. Hope you found this inspiring!

xoxo Tori

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