December Daily 2016 – Day 4

Today is a yummy, sweet day. A day of yummy Christmas cookies and a day with yummy, sweet leggings.

On the 4th I went to a Christmas Cookie exchange at one of my friend’s house. We had a blast sharing our sweet treats and playing games. It was so much fun to document it in my December Daily too.

I made this cute little insert to document all of the cookies my mom and I made on the 3rd and to document the cookies I received at the Christmas Cookie exchange. I used this super cute  white and pink paper from the Snow and Cocoa collection for the opposite squares, added a Snow and Cocoa gold snowflake sticker, and a label sticker to write the name of all the cookies. And then I finished off the insert with this super cute white pom pom trim from Felicity Jane. I love how cute it looks!

I really wanted to include a recipe card with the instructions for the Snicker Doodles because they’re my favourite and I make them every year and I also wanted to add a photo of us playing board games (more specifically my favourite card game Dutch Blitz).

So I grabbed this cute 4×6 journal card from the Felicity Jane Hello Christmas kit and a piece of white polka dot vellum from Michaels and created a little 5×7 insert. I love the inclusion of the vellum…not just because I get to punch my holes in it, but because it creates this almost floating effect.

On the back I stuck the card game photo, a label stamped with “It’s How we Roll” a Felicity Jane stamp. I love the simplicity of this insert… it’s letting the photos speak for themselves and I remembered to use stamps – which I ALWAYS FORGET.

There were 2 more photos I wanted to include on the 4th…. I really felt like these photos spoke to my heart and had an important message I needed to hear.

Let me tell you about how these leggings are magic… how they taught me a really important lesson about being myself. I’ve always wanted printed leggings but I never thought printed leggings would look good on me because I’m bigger, I’m pus sized. I saw these LuLaRoe leggings and fell in love with the print but was so worried they wouldn’t look good on me because I am bigger and big, bold prints often don’t look good on bigger girls. I stuck them on and paired it with this red sweater dress I have and I fell in love. Not only do I love LuLaRoe but I love how I feel in these leggings. I stick them on and I feel powerful, confident and beautiful. I truly feel like these leggings are the perfect representation of the Mandy Hale quote, “Just be yourself, let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are.” As someone who really struggles with anxiety, attention, people looking at me and crowds I feared that these leggings might bring attention that I don’t want. But I stuck these leggings on and they became my magic cape of sorts. Weird, I know… but these leggings are a statement in being yourself – letting your inner beauty shine through. These leggings let me show the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird person that I am and that is truly magical and beautiful.

Yep. They are magic. I don’t necessarily always like the way I look but these leggings and me … it’s perfectly imperfect and that’s perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing. These leggings are a lesson in letting myself shine and a lesson in being myself and that needed to be documented in my December Daily.

I finished up this page with one of the free printables I have, you can download those here. Stuck a little bit of Freckled Fawn washi and an enamel star.

If you would like to check out the process video, it’s up on my channel.

All in all, I love the way this turned out. I documented my day. I documented a favourite cookie recipe I use every year. I documented fun with friends. And I documented a really important lesson I learned. And it’s perfect – perfectly imperfect that is.

xoxo Tori

P.S. If you’re interested in checking out my LuLaRoe pop up party message me or head over to Facebook to join in.

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