December Daily 2016 – Day 26-31

To say my December Daily album is full and overflowing would be an understatement. Could I stop on December 25th – yes. Could I get a second album – yes. But I really didn’t want to. For some reason I feel this irrational NEED to have all of December documented and in one album – it is December DAILY after all. I know I’m a weirdo – you can say it. I also really wanted to keep it all to one album. Remember way back, when I started the album, I clearly said, “I want to keep it to one album.”

Well I’m determined – even if it is a bit irrational.

So… I did document December 26 – 31… just on one page. Hey, whatever works right?!? Truth be told, not a lot happened after Christmas and I like the idea of wrapping it all up on one page.

So on the back of my stamp page (from the 25th), I added a 2×2 photo and a 2×2 journaling spot for each day. On a few of the days (the 28th and 29th) I had 2 or 3 photos, so I created a little flip card so I could include more photos.

I kept the page super simple too – no embellishments. WHAT!!!! Yep… I, Tori Bissell, didn’t add ANY embellishments… other then my chipboard numbers. But it felt like there was already a lot going on so it made more sense to keep the page simple and to the point – the perfect wrap up for December 2016.

After that was done, all that was left was my wrap up page. I included a page like this in last year’s December Daily and I just love the way it rounds out the album. So I grabbed another one of those 2×2 squares page protectors, punched out 12 circles out of card stock, added some Felicity Jane letter stickers and BAM… I have a conclusion page. Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017. It’s simple but I love it.

If you’d like to check out the process video, you can find that here:

Can you believe December Daily 2016 is done!?! Wow, it feels like December just flew by!  Not to worry though, I’m going to have a couple more videos for you: an album share, scrap your scraps cards, and a kill a kit video. Check back soon for those.



P.S. The 28th is covered because I have a huge surprise coming…check back on January 14th…that’s when I can FINALLY tell you.

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