December Daily 2016 – Day 1

Everyday during the month of December I have a new blog and a new video of inspiration up for you – and today is no exception. Today I’m working on Day 1 in my album.

For weeks (okay months) leading up to December I’ve been so excited to start my December Daily. I’ve been impatiently waiting, kinda wishing I could start early. December Daily is seriously one of my favourite projects all year long. Even the day before I was so excited it was all I could think about.

Then December 1st came… and went. It was the end of the day (9pm at night) before I realized the whole first day of December had come and gone and I had completely forgotten to take even one photo. WHOOPS! December Daily fail for sure!

I was wracking my brain trying to decide what to take a photo of and I looked around the room and saw my David’s Tea advent calendar – I look a photo of that. Everyone in the house was also craving cookies so I whipped up a quick batch of chocolate chip cookies and snapped a photo of my cup of tea and my cookies. Done is done.

I also grabbed out some of the journaling cards from the Feed Your Craft and Brandi Kincaid Calm and Bright collection (sold out sorry).

There was this one 4×6 card with a sloth that said “Slow Down the Season” and that felt like the perfect card for a day that just flew by and I forgot about.

The other card I grabbed was a 3×4 card with a  cup of tea that said “comfort and Joy”.  Since I already had a shaker pocket from the day before – I didn’t need anything else. I whipped up a little flip pocket so I could fit all my photos, added some journaling and done is done.

If you want to check out the process video or how I made the flip pocket, you can check that out here:

Day 1 is super simple but I love it just the way it is. Hopefully I won’t forget to take a picture tomorrow. 

xoxo Tori

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