Dear Labour Day Weekend BBQ Crew

Dear Labour Day Weekend BBQ Crew,

For as long as I can remember we have been celebrating the end of summer and the beginning of Fall together.

In the 12+ years (?) so much has changed! Some years there’s more of us than others... depending on who's in town and who has to work. We’ve said hello to new family members/partners and goodbye to a really key member (grandpa we miss you). We’ve had burgers, salad, corn, pie, bread, cheese, chips and more. And even though many things have changed over the years one thing has remained: the love and laughter shared.

Thank you, Uncle Terry and Auntie H for being the hostesses with the mostest. Thank you, Uncle Gary and Auntie Debbie for entertaining us all with your amazing stories of family, cycling, and travel. Thank you family for the hugs and support.

Every labour day I look forward to the crazy conversations that ranges from politics, to religion, to art, to travel, to work, to pop culture and everything else between. I may be one of the quieter ones but I still enjoy the quality time of just being with you all.

I love walking through those doors and seeing the smiles on all your faces... I always feel like you’re happy to see us and I feel so loved. I appreciate so much all of you and your genuine interest in what’s going on and catching up. I am blessed to have you as family.

It’s hard to imagine missing out on the fun in the next few years. In the whole time we’ve been doing this I only missed like 1 year and I missed you all like crazy.

How about next year I Skype from Kenya?

Love this family tradition and you.

Xoxo Tori

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