Dear Fellow YouTubers,

Dear Fellow YouTubers,

My dear friends who lovingly create, edit and upload scrapbooking, card making, December Daily, mixed media, planning, craft videos this letter is for you!

Thank you for the care, commitment, heart and passion you put into each and every process video, layout share, haul, craft room tour, craft and chat, throw back Thursday, unboxing, exchange, pocket letter, organization video you make. Thank you for the time and effort. Thank you for meticulous worrying about editing and lighting. Thank you for returning to footage to edit, speed up, slow down, cut, title, and add music. Thank you for waiting patiently for each video to upload even if it does take hours. Thank you for making your videos public and for sharing them. Thank you.

You are lovely, inspiring, fantastic, creative geniuses! You are talented and fabulous. You are courageous and encouraging. You are open and inviting and truly a delight to watch and listen to. You are! You are!!

And to the YouTuber whose reading this and thinking, “oh she’s not talking about me,” I AM! You are all these things and you are awesome!

It’s time ladies and gentlemen…the time has come…the time is now…

Let’s decide today to drown out the voices in our heads that tell us we’re not good enough, we can’t do it, we don’t have anything of value to offer.

Let’s decide today to care more about what our Heavenly Father thinks about us than some nasty trolls.

Let’s decide today to realize that out value and worth is not dependent on the number of likes, views or subscribers we have.

Let’s decide to care more about the people we inspire, the ones we motivate and encourage than the people who give us a thumbs down.

Because really, what effort, time, care, thought, love, or backbone goes into clicking a thumbs down… Really those thumbs down are worthless and we should treat them as such!

You are valuable. You are admirable. You are courageous. You are lovely. You are inspiring. You are. You are.

Today I’m choosing to realize my worth and I invite you to do so as well.

Love Tori


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