Coptic Recipe Book

I’ve seriously been in love with creating Coptic books lately. I took a class by Paige Evans Taylor and I can’t stop, won’t stop making my own books. I think I’ve made about 10 of them now. Yep, I’m head over heals in love with these books.

Today I wanted to share this super cute little recipe book I made. I’m so excited about how it turned out.

I used the Felicity Jane Suse Fish Happy Day kit! That kit is so stinkin cute – I just HAD to use it in this project. I mean come on, it’s full of cupcakes and scrumptious little details.

My biggest challenge now is going to be not making a new book every time I get my Felicity Jane kits. Seriously though, wouldn’t it be fun to have a whole series of little books, one for each month. Oh deer – I’m suppose to be talking myself out of it not into it.

Well without further ado, here you go… check out the cuteness!

xoxo Tori

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