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Saying Goodbye
A HUGE answer to Prayer
The First Day of School
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SUPPORT UPDATE: I'm at 96% of the amount I need to raise in monthly support. Every $50 represents another crayon coloured in on this support tracker and I only need 3 more ($120 a month).

My outgoing budget is currently at 90% of the total $24,000 needed for flights, housing set up, training, etc. I only need $2,467 to hit this target.

My financial deadline is only 3 days away! I need to be at 100% by September 10th, the financial deadline, so I can go to RVA in October. We're so close!

Saying Goodbye

The last few weeks I've had some really precious time with family and friends. Saying goodbye has been extremely difficult.

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." - Winnie The Pooh

A HUGE Answer to Prayer

In my last update, I shared some disappointing news about my eyesight and how I found out I need specialized glasses to accommodate for a midline shift and accommodative insufficiency. 

God is so good!  I went to pick out glasses this week and the owner/manager was so amazing and helpful. He also gave me about every discount and deal he possibly could have.  The two pairs were going to cost me over $2,200 but I ended up getting both with all the additions I needed for only $850!  I'm so blown away by this incredible answer to prayer. 

The First Day of School

School started this week and students at RVA were excited for the sunshine and good friends on the first day of classes. 

72 new students were welcomed to campus. 

While it's too bad I couldn't be there on the first day, I'm looking forward to being there soon.

Join My Support Team

Are you willing to commit to monthly support by praying and giving an amount ($10, $25, $50, $100) each month? I only need $120 to hit the target. Will you help make this possible?

One-time gifts are also appreciated as they help with flights and moving expenses. I only need $2,467 to hit my outgoing budget.

If the Lord puts it on your heart to partner with me, you can click the link below for an easy way to give. 

Giving Options

xoxo, Tori

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