A Letter to the Uninspired

Dear Uninspired,

I get you… This week I understand your pain, I sit at my desk and commiserate with you. This week I have felt utterly, and hopelessly uninspired.

I seriously have had no desire to make anything… or well I do desire to make something but I can’t think of anything to make. I’m having writers block or probably more aptly put… artist block.

Honestly, I have tried…

… I have searched endlessly on Pinterest attempting to spark my interest with something I can scraplift… and I have come up wanting.

…. I have dug through my supplies, rifling through papers and paints and inks and pens and embellishments hoping to enlighten myself….yet I am still in the dark.

…I have started a mixed media canvas with colours and things I normally like… and I covered it up because I hated it…so I tried again…. and now I’m staring at this thing and it’s taunting me.

… I have attempted to make 3 scrapbook layout with gorgeous paper which normally would send tingles up my fingers … and I stand back and all I can think is BLAH.

….I have even tried working on samples for a Christmas tag class I’m teaching… and even I wouldn’t want to go to that class…it’s not happening.

So I totally get you.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to remain here… so I am on the search for a better option. While searching, I found this great blog post “When You’re Feeling Uninspired” by Jeff Goins and in it the author speaks about two things to do when you’re feeling uninspired.

  1. Fight through the resistance.

As an artist you will face resistance… resistance is the “force warring against your creativity.”  And when this happens, we have a choice. To give up, to give in and forfeit OR to fight back. We can’t wait for inspiration to just find us or land in our lap, we must work and keep working and somewhere along the line we’ll discover we’ve found it.

2. Know the difference between ‘blocked’ and ’empty’.

“When we’re feeling uninspired, we may, in fact, be spiritually and emotionally empty. If that’s the case, the last course of action you’d want to pursue would be to simply push through the block. Because you’re not blocked. You’re empty. And you need to fill up. You need to step away from your work and do something that recharges you, that leaves you feeling refreshed and inspired.”

Now you just need to discover whether you are a feeling resistance or if you are feeling empty.

As I read those words I realized I haven’t been feeling resistance…I’ve been feeling empty. So it’s not pushing though that I need…I need to be filled up.

So I’m off to figure out how to fill myself up…. I hope you can find what you need to.

xoxo Tori

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