2016 Creative Goals

What is it about a new year that makes you want to make a list? Is it the fresh planner sitting on my desk? Is it the new number I now have to remember ever time I write the date? Is it the copious advertisements telling me I should have new years resolutions? Who knows…but I do know I want to make a list. A list of goals.

And this is a list of goals…no resolutions. And I am adamant, and even if just to convince myself that those two things are different. I feel like a goal is something that can actually be achieved…you have to work towards it and take steps to make it happen but it’s possible. Resolutions on the other hand, have gotten a bad rap – everyone makes them but they never accomplish them. So this is a list of goals… creative goals for 2016.

  • Learn how to sew…I feel like sewing is the one thing on my to-do list that’s been there for WAY too long. It’s happening. THIS YEAR.
  • Open and use my letterpress set…yep, I fell prey to the hype this past year and bought all the things I needed to do letterpress. Did I ever open the box? No. Did I order all this stuff and never use it? Yes. But that’s changing! THIS YEAR.
  • Hit 5000 subscribers on YouTube. It’s hard to imagine this could happen but I think it’s possible…THIS YEAR!!!!
  • Start a blog. Been there; done that. haha started it yesterday.
  • Join a creative team or be a guest designer. *Not sure how this one will happen but I’ve always wanted to be on a creative team or to guest design for a scrapbooking company.Maybe it could happen. THIS YEAR.
  • Sell something I’ve made on Etsy. Not sure what or how or the details…but it’s happening. THIS YEAR.
  • Hit 1000 subscribers on Instagram. This is a big goal…not sure if it’s attainable but I’m going to try. THIS YEAR.

What about you…do you have creative goals for 2016?

xoxo, Tori

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