100 Days Of Less Hustle More Jesus // Day 8: A Vessel For Love

Today I'm working on day 8 in the 100 days of Less Hustle More Jesus devotional and today's message is all about being a vessel for love. 

I need to do a better job at loving people and this was a great reminder for me. The other day I was talking to a co-worker and I shared with her how I was struggling to love people which was funny since that's what my devotional was about. She said, "maybe the reason this was your devotional was because this is what God wants you to work on." Yah, I think that's pretty accurate. We need to try and be sincere in our love - which was exactly what today's devotional was about.

While I was reading the devotional, I immediately thought about that stamp I had in my stash which had a mason jar on it. I thought it would be perfect for this topic of being a vessel for love. 

I began by stamping the mason jar with some black ink. and then I decided to do some water coloring by creating a mask with some washi tape. I basically added washi all around the image and then did the water colouring only inside of the mason jar. I then finished it off by pulling away the washi, adding some journaling and letter stickers. I love how simple the page ooks but how it's also extremely bright and colourful.


If you'd like to check out the process video for today's page:


I hope this was as much of a  reminder to love others for you as it was for me. With Love, xoxo, Tori



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