100 Days Of Less Hustle More Jesus // Day 3: Authentic Life

Henry David Thoreau once said "We are constantly invited to be who we are" and that quote perfectly aligns with today's 100 Days of Less Hustle More Jesus devotional entry. Today is all about living an authentic life which is something I really aspire to. 

Lately, I've been thinking about how messy life feels. My room is a mess, my to-do list is a mess, my brain feels a mess, work is a mess, my journey is a mess. Just being real here. 

What stood out in my devotional study today was that it was okay to be a mess and be authentically me because the Lord can use my weaknesses for his glory and honor. 

I decided to create this flip out about how even when everything looks okay on the outside when you look deeper it's a mess but that's okay. The truth is that the Lord doesn't need us to be perfect before we come to him and honestly, that is so freeing. 


If you'd like to check out the process video you can find it here:

xoxo, Tori


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