100 Days of Less Hustle and More Jesus

I don’t know about you, but I feel like life lately is all about the hustle. Moving from one thing to the next without taking a break. The to-do list never ends and the piles keep getting higher. In this transitionary period of my life (getting ready to move to Kenya) the hustle has reached an all-time peak.

There are so many things to finish up at work, side hustles to wrap up, support to raise, books to read, things to buy, things to sell, boxes to be packed, people to say goodbye to, and more. Even as I write this, I’m struck with a thought of another thing I need to get done.

That’s why, when I saw the 100 days of less hustle more Jesus devotional, I just knew I needed some of that. What does it look like in this transition to slow down and just be with the Lord… I mean is that even possible. 

When I was in university, I would often call my mom stressed to the max, crying and frustrated because I was so overwhelmed. I was doing a double major – taking 8-9 courses a semester (the average is 4-5) and I just felt like I was drowning. I’d have mountains of reading to do, a dozen papers and assignments to work on and I felt like a failure. As I listed off all the things I needed to do, my mom would say in the most loving way, “have you spent time with Jesus?” UM…. Mom… I just told you I have about a million things to do – I don’t have time to spend with Jesus. I can’t take even a 5-minute break… when am I going to slow down, and do devotions, pray or listen to worship music????? Again, she would repeat, “have you spent time with Jesus?” I don’t have time I’d cry in frustration and she’d say, “you don’t have time not to.” Exhausted I’d hang up the phone and in desperation, I’d sit down at my desk to “spend time with the Lord.”

In the hustle and the chaos, he would bring rest. His peace would calm my soul and the anxiety, tears and stress would fade into the background. The to-do list never disappeared BUT as I sat with the Lord I felt renewed. Newly ready to tackle the tasks I was no longer doing it in my strength but His. It was as if taking 20-30 minutes with the Lord would give me time to do the other things I needed to do.

So, in the stress, anxiety and mounting to do list of my life right now… can I afford to not spend time with the Lord? Perhaps a 100 day challenge in the craziest time of my life is well … crazy. But on the other hand… I wouldn’t want to go through this with anyone else.


How are you doing? Have you spent some time with Jesus?

Xoxo Tori


P.S. If you’d like to check out a flip book and an intro to this series I have a video up:


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